Oxford Commission on AI & Good Governance

Introduction to the Oxford Commission on AI & Good Governance (OxCAIGG)

Chair of the Commission Professor Philip Howard introduces OxCAIGG, answering key questions;

1. Why launch OxCAIGG now?

2. What will OxCAIGG do? / What do you hope OxCAIGG will achieve?

3. OxCAIGG has launched – What next? What’s the first thing on your agenda/first output?

4. What excites you and worries you with the arrival of AI applications in government and public service?

5. Who makes up the Commission?

The OxCAIGG Mission

  • Investigate the Artificial Intelligence implementation challenges faced by governments around the world
  • Identify best practices for evaluating and managing risks and benefits
  • Recommend strategies for taking full advantage of technical capacities while mitigating potential harms of AI-enabled public policy

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