The challenge of using AI for good governance urgently concerns public policy, administration and politics in democracies across the world. The goal of the Oxford Commission on AI and Good Governance is to develop principles and practical policy recommendations to ensure the democratic use of AI for good governance.

Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a rapid influx of AI solutions. While intended for public good, these novel technologies bring with them challenges in assessing the suitability and legitimacy of these offerings to the forefront of international decision makers’ agendas. The mobilization of this field is unprecedented and demonstrates the need for policies around these products, their procurement, and implementation through governments.

The Oxford Commission on AI and Good Governance will investigate the procurement and implementation challenges surrounding the use of AI for good governance faced by democracies around the world, identify best practices for evaluating and managing risks and benefits, and recommend strategies in an effort to take full advantage of technological capacities while mitigating potential harms of AI-enabled public policy.

Drawing from input from experts across a wide range of geographic regions and areas of expertise, including stakeholders from government, industry, technical and civil society, OxCAIGG will bring forward applicable and relevant recommendations for the use of AI for good governance. 


Contributors will apply their experience and insight to contribute thoughtfully to the Oxford Commission for AI and Good Governance’s quest to equip and inform policy makers with guidance to ensure AI-related tools are adapted and adopted for good governance in the near future.


Our research will use a variety of qualitative and quantitative data to formulate policy recommendations for the AI with regards to Good Governance.  

  • Engagement with international experts from a spectrum of settings will guide OxCAIGG’s journey.
  • Interactions will come in the form of briefings, learning calls and expert interviews.
  • Outputs will include some jurisdictionally specific policy papers and a piece cross-applicable for situations in which democratic governance applies. 

About the Commission

For supporting our Oxford Commission on AI & Good Governance we are grateful to the Ford Foundation and Open Society Foundation. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the Commission and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Oxford, our founders or individual commissioners.