AI in the Public Service: From Principles to Practice

13 December 2021

Early experience shows that there will be serious challenges as governments around the world apply artificial intelligence in public service. 

This is the moment of opportunity, however, in which cooperation can ensure that AI systems are used for good governance and help us address some of the most pressing and intractable public problems. 

Through research and evidence-based deliberation, the Oxford Commission on AI and Good Governance reviewed the key challenges to ensuring that AI systems are effectively used for public service and arrived at three critical questions

  • Who should provide guidance on public service AI?
  • How can we build public service capacities for AI for good governance?  
  • How can we ensure public service AI is trustworthy and trusted?

AI in the Public Service: From Principles to Practice sets out three clear recommendations aimed at supporting public servants harness the benefits of AI, and three short-term actions which policymakers and civil servants could implement now. 

Cite as: Oxford Commission on AI & Good Governance. AI in the Public Service: From Principles to Practice. Working paper 2021.6 Oxford, UK: Oxford Commission on AI & Good Governance. 19 pp. 

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